This is a short demo based on the Universe Gun comics, intended to show off as much of the RPGRules system as possible.
This is a single mission team-based game, where you control a squad of heroes and can switch between the one you're controlling. Your allies will tag along and use RPGRule's awesome AI system to keep up with you. You can pause the game for tactical assessment whenever you like, and switch control between characters on your squad whenever it suits you.
Play in your browser or on your PC, with mouse and keyboard or XBox Controller!


You get six characters to level up, with amazing powers ranging from self-replication, teleportation and telekinesis as well as the more standard melee attacks, energy blasts, passive buffs, and so on.
Check out the intro videos below!


There's a small story arc here - half of your team start off captured, and you have to rescue them from super-prison! There's two prison missions. Once you've rescued all your team you can still replay these and rescue one of three additional heroes who you can play for the rest of the mission, and even take on other missions as long as they stay in your roster! This gives you a chance to experience cool powersets like size changing, elemental self-transmutation and shield-throwing!
You can play various training missions - fighting your teammates or hologram QMAC cops in a Rumble Room. Once you've rescued all teammates you can fight simulated supervillains in here too!
Finally, there's a city patrol mission where you're given a couple of random mini-missions to complete before facing off against a supervillain group.


There's an extensive crafting system based in Princess Amtora's lab.
Two of your team can't fly. You can build them hoverboard devices.
You can create force field belts to help out the non-invulnerable team members.
You can You can craft superior boost and enhancements if you get the right gear in your laboratory.


Enemies drop weapons you can pick up and use. Fire hydrants burst and hose you with water. Gas cannisters emit toxic gas, or power-damping gas. Objects break, and can be picked up and thrown if you have suffiicent strenght, or TK, or the ability to teleport-drop them on your enemies.