Coriolis Boy

Name : Mok Mc2

Homeworld : The Life Star

Powers : Rotational Telekinesis, Flight

Mok Mc2 has a secret - the studious teen is really Coriolis Boy, leader of Gamma City's team of super-teen protectors, Gamma Ordnance!
Gifted with the ability to fly, and to take the Earth's rotational energy and place it into nearby objects, he's a force to be reckoned with!

But in the real world, this destructive power is just a liability.
Gamma City was a poor simulation of a long-dead town in the virtual reality engines of the Life Star.
Mok isn't a superhero, but a dangerous freak coughed up by a dying alien satellite, and best kept under house arrest and on power-dampening meds, caring for his sister.

That's what his case officer says. But does the 37th Century really need a superhero after all?