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Welcome to Universe Gun!

Why is it always assumed that if you gain superhuman powers, you'll use them either to rob banks, or stop other supers from robbing banks?
I've been a fan of superheroes since reading the Fantastic Four as a kid, via the 80's X-Men and New Teen Titans to the strange new visions of Grant Morrison and Pete Milligan during the British Invasion of the 90's.
I've immersed myself in the European sex, drugs and rock-n-roll madness of Moebius and Druillet.
I've watched the amazing explosion of the superhero genre in movies and comics this century.

I've decided to make my own comic here, and add something new to the mix.

imagine a world which was meant to produce not only superheroes, but super-artists, super-gardeners, super-hairdressers and amazing cocktail mixers. And imagine that everything went wrong with that world, and superhuman powers are now illegal due to their allegedly violent nature.

Who could investigate this world, and find out what's really going on in this corrupt status quo?


Now imagine that this world is written by a doctor of physics and games programmer, and is drawn in a unique art style owing as much to the Yellow Submarine as to traditional comic art, and you have Universe Gun!

Step into my universe. All it will cost you is your time...

We're making so much more than policemen and soldiers - Ms. Amazing, 2006