25 June 2005
Strangers Gold Pack and First Aid Pack released!
The entire Strangers campaign is available for downlaod as one big installer now - fully tested for compatibility with FFX V2.6.
The Strangers First Aid Pack is also available - this patches an existing Strangers install to be FFX V2.6 compatible and to fix a few minor mission-specific bugs.

Mission Guides have been posted for the final missions.

An online F.A.Q. has been posted to answer the most commonly asked troubleshooting questions about the Strangers.

Finally - The Strangers is finished. Time to start on The Strangers 2....

26 May 2004
Finally! The Strangers "What If?" Pack is released, with new Danger Room levels and campaign support for FFX Squared. Go to the downloads page to get it.

18 March 2004
New Mission 9 Fix patch released. (This one should actually work!) Go to the Downloads page to get it.

12 March 2004
Strangers What If? Screenshots here

Coming Soon!
Strangers What If? Update!
I'm currently working on the "What If?" pack.
This completes the Danger Room experience for the Strangers by adding fully playable super-teams from the campaign such as the Victory Vanguard and Cell 20035 of the H.I.V.E., as well as multiplayable versions of the Strangers themselves, featuring all the usual combo moves and some brilliant new 'team' costumes from the Forcer.
What If? will also make the entire campaign FFX-Squared compatible, allowing custom characters access to the 23 new attributes and 16 new attack types released in FFX-Squared.
Danger Room/muliplayable maps of favourite locations such as Hell, New Aeden, the Scorpio mining colony (with working teleporters), New Victoria and the Jack of Diamond's house will be released.
Extra Danger Room missions where you fight characters from the Strangers campaign are also coming.
So if you ever wanted to know if the Victory Vanguard would win in a fight against the forces of Hell in a space colony, your time is coming soon!

7 February 2004
Mission 9 Bug Fix released!
Some users have reported that Mission 9 (The End of the World) doesn't end correctly when using shapeshifting characters. A patch has been adressed to fix this.

1 December 2003
Episode 8 Bug Fix Patch 2 released!
Characters with Energy Shield or similar FFX powers now dissappear correctly in Mission 18A when KO'd

15 November 2003
Episode 8 Bug Fix Patch released!

8 November 2003
Episode 8 Released! The final missions for the Strangers campaign are here. Available, as always, from the downloads page.

10 October 2003
Work continues on Episode 8. 1 Mission done, 1 to go.
Episode 7 Bug Fix Patch V2 released. Available from the downloads page.
11 September 2003
Episode 7 bug fix patch released. See the downloads page.

7 September 2003
Episode 7 - Smoke and Mirrors released.
A mission so cool it has to be released on its own! The off-world saga ends with Devil Doll's team travelling back in time to the roaring 30's.
Get it now from the downloads page.

Features include:
  • One new mission - Smoke and Mirrors
  • A new form of the MIMIC ability for Devil Doll
  • The usual power tweaks and bug fixes to previous missions.
    5 August 2003
    Strangers Episode 6 has arrived! Available as a 12M patch for existing users or the whole campaign to date (27 missions) for 56M. Both install options fully incorporate FFX, so no need to download this separately now - think of it as a try before you buy if you're unsure of installing FFX.

    6 June 2003 Strangers Episode 5 Patch
    Available from the Downloads page, this will fix a variety of bugs reported by users of both Episode 5 and the Year One package.
    24 May 2003
    Strangers Episode 5 released!
    Go to the Downloads Section. For existing players there's the Episode 5 patch (requires the first four episodes installed), weighing in at 10M. For new players, there's Strangers Year One, containing all 22 missions for a staggeringly small 48M!

    Strangers Epsiode 5 features
    15 May 2003
    Work continues on Episode 5.
    Click here for some screenshots.