Click on the links below to go to walkthrough guides for the missions available in Episodes 1 to 5, and loading screen artwork.
Note that these walkthroughs contain spoilers - if you haven't played through the mission in question yet you may want to try that first before reading the guide.

1. Rites of Passage
2. Hail to the King
3. It Fell to Earth!
4. Pictures at an Exhibition
5. A Concert in the Park
6. Boot Camp/The Book of Changes
7. Stranger Than You
8. Romeo and Juliet/The House that Queen Built
9. The End of the World
10. The Superbowl/Second Hand Gods
11. The Pharoah That Walked
12. Ritual de la Mental
13. Prisoner of Cell Block X
14. The Voice of the H.I.V.E.
15. Garden's End
16. Work in the Diamond Age
17. The Human Race
18. Smoke and Mirrors
19. Partners in Wonder/Temperance