The Campaign

The Strangers is a 31 mission campaign featuring a core team of 9 heroes for you to play (and some extra recruitable heroes). It is also suitable for playing custom characters of your own design after the first four missions. After all, the Strangers themselves started as a custom team in the original FF campaign.
It is epic in scale, featuring battles between teams of high-powered characters spanning multiple worlds. The emphasis is placed on the superhuman side of the superhero genre, rather than the crime-fighting vigilante side.

Prestige and Experience

The accumulation of prestige and experience points works differently to the way it did in the original Freedom Force campaign. Prestige is awarded only for completing objectives. Typically, the big bonuses are attached to secondary objectives, which are more difficult to complete. To further reward the completion of secondary objectives, an extra experience bonus is awarded to every hero in the squad for each secondary objective completed.
There are also a few training missions which allow the characters of your choice to build up on experience points.
And you'll need it - the Strangers is considerably harder than the original Freedom Force campaign.

Custom Character support

Your own character creations are more than welcome in the team. Recruiting begins after the first four missions which establish the core team. Custom characters appear in base cutscenes and even have their own combo moves as described below.

New Powers

Several new powers have been created through the scripting system that drives Freedom Force. These include:

New Attributes

Some new attributes have also been created through code:
Most of these new powers and attributes are available to custom characters in the camapign thanks to its integration with the Freedom Force X system.

Combo powers

Certain characters are able to activate special powers only with the help of specific team members. For example, an gaseous character can be turned into a freezing gas by an ally with ice powers. Think you've found all the combo powers? Look here to unlock the mysteries of the Strangers!
In order to make sure that your custom characters feel like part of the team, some combo powers have been added that can only be used by special types of custom characters. If you happen to create a character with the right stats or powers, these moves automatically get unlocked!

And don't forget, the bad guys'll do the same sometimes!

Custom maps

Take the battle to an villain's art gallery, a sprawling underground superhero base, a futuristic space city, a high security women's prison or even the astral plane itself! No expense has been spared on the set design here.