This covers the most frequently asked questions about the Strangers Mod, and can serve as a first port of call for troubleshooting issues.

I dont get any cutscenes, and playing the first mission results in a scientsist with no powers running around dodging thugs

Have you installed FFX 2.6?
This is required to play the Strangers successfully, as it uses the expansion pack extensively.
The first mission, after clicking New Campaign, should start with a black screen with about four lines of dialogue before fading into a scientist getting robbed, and leave you playing Devil Doll (a red-skinned female demon) against a bunch of standard FF thugs. If this doesn't happen you have a script problem.
Make sure you have FFX installed properly (see the FFX F.A.Q.) and try applying the Strangers First Aid Pack if that doesn't work. If that fails, contact me directly.

I can't hear the character voices

There is no voice acting in the Strangers.
This was done for three reasons: It takes a little while to get used to, but I'm not alone in finding that I start hearing the voices in my head as I play.

The second mission jumps me into a space station with a couple of new insect-like characters. I don't get it?

This is due to a bug in the FF engine that occurs when you switch between mods. The second mission, after Devil Doll defeats the thugs should start with King Zero in an Antartican base mouthing off to some lackeys, followed by a briefing in which the King of Clubs (a Pinstripe look-a-like) talks to his minions.
If the second mission rolls you straight into a space station with the Spider and the Fly, load the saved game call 'Hail to the King'. This will start you off on the second mission correctly, with full marks and all experience cannisters from the first mission collected, and no further problems of this type should be encountered.