The Strangers Gold Pack

All 31 campaign missions, all the What If? Danger Room maps and modes rolled into one big installer for the first time. New users get the Gold Pack, exsiting users can patch their install with the First Aid Pack.

New Features:
The Strangers Gold Pack (71M)

Step 1: Download

Click on the link above and save the installer to your hard drive

Step 2: Install

The Strangers Installer will automatically find you FF install directory and place the files in there, in a separate folder called Strangers. You'll also need to install an Irrational Games Freedom Force Patch 1.1 or higher, and the FFX 2.6 pack or equivalent in that order to play the Strangers.

Step 3: Play

There's a shortcut to the Strangers inside the Strangers directory. If you haven't installed Freedom Force in C:|Program Files\Irrational Games\Freedom Force you'll need to modify the Target path, but you'll need to keep the -game strangers -log options there for everything to work correctly.


FFX: The Strangers Gold Pack has been updated to include all the FFX V2.6 Attributes and powers, so these will all be available for your custom characters this time round.
EZFX The Strangers FX and Sound databases are compatible with EZFX 5.1, so most of your favourite FX will be available. EZFX are recognisable in the character editor because they start with a * character - if you haven't installed EZFX then don't use these for customs because they wont work.

The Strangers First Aid Pack

Contains all the core gameplay data and script files - useful if your installation of the Strangers is suffering a probelm somewhere due to the various versions of FFX etc floating around. Also contains the improvements made in the Gold Pack, but at a small download for existing users.

The Strangers First Aid Pack (2.4M)