Devil Doll

Age: 1400
Point of Origin: Hell
Powers: Spell-casting, claws, 'hell's gate' explosion, absorption of ally's powers
Threat Level: 6

Desdemona Jones has been growing up in the suburban ruts of Dis, the Iron City, Hell. Tired of the interminable 6 centuries of high school, and her overbearing father she has left for the material world in order to do good, partly out of an inbuilt curiosity but mainly to annoy and embarass her father.

DD's powers derive from her magical studies and the innate power that comes with being a physically manifested thoughtform i.e. a demon. She is able to telepathically exert her will on others, summon demon allies in the form of her enemies. She is practically fireproof and able to create massive disruption to the material plane by opening a temporary gate back into hell.
She can be somewhat unreliable in a fight due to her inability to apply controlled damage to the opposition without taking out herself or teammembers, but excels at crowd control. Judicious use of her beguiling and summoning skills can bring down the strongest opponents.

Devil Doll provides a solid leader to the Strangers. Despite her ditzy teenage mannerisms she has been studying humanity for centuries and knows how the world works better than most of them.