Patriot City

The free-roaming city mod for FFvTTR!

Patriot City is the story of a new hero in Patriot City, who has to take action to defend the troubled city when the Freedom Force mysteriously dissappear.
You can play as either Green Genie or Tombstone, or as a custom hero of your own design up to 8000 prestige points. Throughout the campaign you'll gain XP for defeating bad guys who you encounter, which can be used to upgrade your powers or buy new ones, as per normal campaign play.

Patriot City incorporates all the features of FFX 3.0, so your options for designing a custom hero are almost unlimited.

Starting at your apartment, choose to start your patrol during day or night.

Choose your character (Tombstone, Green Genie or a custom character) and off you go.

Once you're out and about, travel between different maps using the specially placed junction objects...

Review your objective between maps...

And enter the neighbouring cityblock.

Earn experience points and prestige points as you defeat villains.

Story threads will unfold as you encounter different villains and allies across the city

Leading to new levels being unlocked

Use your prestige points to purchase new weapons for your character

(Tombstone tarted up like a tin of bully beef)

And use them in the field to augment your innate powers.

Dynamic day-night system can see you patrolling well into the night as you fight crime.