Patriot City V1.0

An all-new campaign set in the Irrational universe awaits, featuring five story arcs amdi the random encounters as you keep Patriot City free from crime.

Patriot City V1.0 (17M)

Patriot City V1.1 Bug FIx Patch(192K)

The first bug fix patch addresses the following problems:

Step 1: Download

Click on the link above and save the installer to your hard drive

Step 2: Install

The Patriot City Installer will automatically find your FFvTTR install directory and place the files in there, in a separate folder called patcity. Don't forget to apply the 1.1 Patch above!

Step 3: Play

There's a shortcut to the Patriot City mod inside this directory, and a link to the manual. If you haven't installed FFvTTR in C:\Program Files\Irrational Games\Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich you'll need to modify the Target path, but you'll need to keep the -game patcity -log options there for everything to work correctly.