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The Universe of the Navigator

The Navigator experiences the universe as a series of "Fundamental Harmonics", as illustrated in the snapshot of his onboard positioning system, or Rural Atlas, as shown below.

Fundament Zero (f0) is like Plato's world of ideals, much simpler than our own world as everything is a pure definiton of itself. The Architect IS divine inspiration, the Watchmaker IS time itself, and so on.
Fundament One (f1) is more complex, a plane of existence host to primal elemental forces like Negasus and his people.
Fundament Two (f2) is more complex yet, a world of multiple instances of the same ideal thing, where time flows as a separate entity to its inhabitants, in short, a concrete world like our own. The never-ending variety of arbitrary events taking place here is confusing yet fascinating to an inhabitant of Fundament Zero, particularly if that inhabitant IS curiosity and exploration itself...