27 February 2005
Tales of the Navigator Part 3 released!

Tales of the Navigator draws to a close.
Two new playable missions and an epilogue with animated credits, as the final fate of the Challengers, the men from NYET, the H.I.V.E. and the very Fundamentals themselves are revealed.

If you've enjoyed playing Tales of the Navigator, and can spare a few bucks to show it, don't be shy. The Pay-Pal button's over there :)

23 December 2004
Tales of the Navigator Part 2 released!

Four new missions as the Navigator travels into the future to observe superhumanity in the 270th Century.
New custom maps, new powers, over 20 new characters, culminating in an epic cosmic battle across all space and time.
Tales of the Navigator parts 1 and 2 are available as a single download from the Downloads page.
New Screenshots can be seen using the Screenshots button above.

14 November 2004
H.I.V.E. biographies published!

Check out the membership roster of the intergalactic police force of the future, as the H.I.V.E. database goes live on the Navigator homepage.
A big thanks to the members of Freedom Reborn who donated their insect avatars for this project.

11 Sept 2004
Tales of the Navigator V1.0 released!

Ten months ago the Strangers was finished. At last, a sequel of sorts, as the ins and outs of the Stranger than Fiction Universe start to get revealed.
Navigator V1.0 is now available on the downloads page, featuring five playable missions, as the Navigator explores the current state of superhumanity and where it came from.

01 Aug 2004
A big website update for the Navigator.
Learn more about what you're in for this month when Tales of the Navigator gets released, with the new Story section.