The H.I.V.E.

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"In the future, justice has gossamer wings, and judges the world through compound eyes"
- The Space fashion and lifestyle magazine, 26990

The H.I.V.E. swarms!

Started from humble beginnings in the early 21st Century by the legendary Manners and Bateman, by the 270th Century, the H.I.V.E. has become a galactic police force of superhumans dedicated to keeping the peace and preserving universal order. Organised into cells of roughly five members, any problem too large for one cell to deal with is provided with swift reinforcement by a communication network of intelligent computer systems.

The H.I.V.E. stings!

The H.I.V.E. recruits superhumans from a variety of backgrounds and worlds. Some are mutants, some skilled humans, some artifical constructs from the Research cells. Many are the brightest and best examples of superhuman species using their talents to dispense swift justice from world to world!

The H.I.V.E. sees all!

Scientific research plays a large part of all H.I.V.E. activities, as special research cells dedicate themselves to studying and predicting potential threats to universal safety before they arise, and developing the weapons to counteract them.