RPG Rules

A Universal RPG System for Unity


RPGRules is based around a Character component.
Characters have Powers, which can do damage and a number of Status effects.
These Status effects come in many forms, from simple Stun or Knockback to cool effects like Telekinesis, to complicated effects using Auras, Conversions, Conditions and many other tools.
And none of this requires any scripting on your part.
The built-in AI system lets non-players characters automatically use their powers, with whatever custom conditions that you specify.


A mission Scene can be set up with characters, spawners, objectives and mission triggers.
You can then specify which front end you want.
Third Person covers standard MMO controls with either tab targetting or auto-targetting, with options for controlling a squad of characters.
Tactical covers a menu-based squad system like Freedom Force or X-Com.
Overhead covers games like Diablo or Torchlight, where the camera follows the player character.


Do you want to add something I haven't provided?
Write your own Status effects or create your own Conditions specific to the game that you want to make.
Import other models seamlessly.
Add animations to the central AnimationController easily.
Create your own Visual Effects to stick on powers.


Use the Assistant Window to find and automatically fix problems.