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FFX-Squared is free to use. However, if you have enjoyed its use, and can spare a few dollars, don't forget the PayPal button on the left. Maintaining this web page and obtaining the hardware to continue with the imminent release of Freedom Force v the Third Reich can make this an expensive hobby.

23 June 2005
FFX Squared V2.6 Gold Pack released!
FFX V2.6 for the original Freedom Force is now available for downlaod here at Fundament Zero on the downloads page, all packaged for the first time into a single installer for ease of use.

27 February 2005
FFX Squared V2.6 Update V2 released!

20 February 2005
FFX Squared V2.6 Update released!
A huge thanks to Epimethee for holding all this together in my absence, while I've been racing to finish Tales of the Navigator. Most of the coding, documentation and everything is his in this release, ably assisted by Stumpy and Shazam. Good works, guys.

11 November 2004
The Irrational Patch for Freedom Force (v1.2) is now temporarily available off the FFX downloads page.

17 October 2004
FFX Squared V2.4 Bug emergency AI patch released

9 October 2004
FFX Squared V2.4 Bug fix patch released

3 October 2004
FFX Squared V2.4 released
See the Online Manual for details!

11 September 2004
FFX Squared V2.4 Beta released
An intermediate patch to FFX is released to complement the new Tales of the Navigator mod.
Get it on the Navigator Downloads page for now.
This version fixes a few bugs and doesn't introduce any new features. I'll be taking a couple of weeks from now to put together a newer version with some of the feature request Ive taken. Fixed in 2.4 Beta To be added in 2.4 Full

31 August 2004
The man known as Epimethee has produced his own attributes, and showcased them in this marvellous mini-mod. Get it now off the Downloads page!

17 July 2004
FFX Squared V2.3 Bug Fix Patch 2 released
Fixes bugs in possession code, accidental form, and adds more command names to FFX Edit for ease of use.

26 May 2004
FFX Squared V2.3 (Beta) Released!
The next round of attributes, features, map add-ons and other goodies isnow available on the Downloads Page! This release coincides with the final release of the Strangers "What If?" Danger Room pack and completes the mod support required from FFX Squared.

Freedom Force X-Squared is an unofficial add-on to Irrational Games' Freedom Force. It opens up over 100 new attributes which can be purchased for your characters (whether you're a modder or a player creating custom characters), giving you the option to buy abilities such as shapeshifting, telekinesis, bring inanimate objects to life to fight for you, to name but a few.

It also introduces about 20 new attack types:- offensive ones like crystallisation, vertigo, gravity control and shrinking, and beneficial powers such as shielding others and making allies temporarily invisible. A few optional rules are included to allow (for example) freezing attacks to do progressive damage, or superstrong characters to automatically snap stasis attacks.

The new attributes and states are all compatible with campaigns, danger room, EZ Danger Room, mulitplayer (subject to restrictions) and a growing number of mods.

See the online manual for details.

12 March 2004
Freedom Force X-Squared V2.2 released!
Enter the Danger Room against your favourite FFX custom characters, and shut your eyes and pray as they unleash their awesome abilities on you!
Or team up with them as NPC allies, or just sit back and watch the carnage.
Freedom Force X-Squared has been joined by M25 to bring you state-of-the-art scripted AI and his Skirmish Pack.
Also included are numerous bug fixes, new map making features, weapons, and a few new attributes.
Go to the download page to get the V2.2 patch.

4 March 2004
Freedom Force X-Squared V2.2 coming soon.
See the list of new features on the features button above.

7 February 2004
Freedom Force X-Squared V2.1 released.
A new set of installers are now available which won't suffer the problems that plagued the 2.0 release. Seven new attributes have been added, and a new improved system is used for teleportation powers like GROUP TELEPORT, LIVING LASER and teelport attacks.
I'm also pleased to say Ive found out a way to stop all those annoying dummy powers clogging up the lists in the character creation screen (by setting their max range to 3).
And some more bugs have been fixed.
New attributes (see the online manual for details):

26 January 2004
Freedom Force X-Squared goes gold!
Freedom Force X-Squared has been through a month of bug fixing thanks to the people at Freedom Reborn, and is now officially gold.
Go to the downloads page to get either the patch installer for those with FFX already installed, or the full installer to get everything.
FFX-Squared is now also mod friendly, with instructions provided on how to fit it to your own mod.

24 December 2003
Freedom Force X-Squared released!
Its here. The next generation of Freedom Force X, with 15 new attributes and 16 new attacks types, all customisable through the new FFX Control Centre.

17 August 2003
Freedom Force X Multiplayer Tag Team add on released

Go to downloads and get either the FFX or non-FFX version of this little add on to multiplayer.
It allows you to choose between three different modes in multiplayer - standard and ordered or choice tag team, where you get to control your characters one at a time against the opposition.
See the FFX Downlaods page (link above) for details.

22 June 2003
Freedom Force X V1.3 released!
Go to the Downloads page for the patch or new installer, and check out the following enhancements: See the online manual (updated) for details.

9 May 2003
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