Freedom Force X-Squared V2.4 Features

More attributes

Too many to name individually.
New pluggable attributes for one-shot risky feats, unusual responses to damage or KO. Attributes from Epimethee's FFQ and C4's third party add-ons provide even more options!
You can even choose your own NEMESIS to pursue you through all missions and danger room sessions!

Dark Dimension

A new Danger Room session, featuring souped up evil versions of some Freedom Force characters for you to defeat, as they illustrate some possible uses for these new attributes!

Dark Diablo takes a hit and spews out some fiery chunks!

Upgraded Enhanced Senses

Ever wanted to see the world through X-Ray Vision or Radar Sense? Now you can - by adding customised lighting and FX to your character's ENHANCED SENSES power!

The Ant using "Acid Vision", Optical Girl using a Radar Sense (from Navigator)

Freedom Force X-Squared V2.3 Features

More attributes

Leave your body behind with Astral Projection! Interact with your environment in strange new ways with Metal Eater, Urban Dweller, HateMonger and Synergy, or take a Vulnerability or Dependency! Transmute elements with Transmutator, rise like a phoenix from the ashes of defeat with Russian Doll!
And more! Seventeen new attributes, see the Online Manual for details.

Blackbird checks her Utlity Belt for goodies.

Improvements to existing attributes

New Puppet Master meshes by Valandar. New revert triggers for temporary forms. Overhaul of metabolic, solar powered and nocturnal to produce customisable results from within the Control Centre.

Eve takes a walk in the park with some animated trees and a boulder.

More map-making options

Switches! The updated FFX Base of Evil provides switches to remotely trigger special objects like teleporters or booby traps. Place workign switches without writing a single line of Python code!

Bug fixes galore

Known problems with Danger Room mode and attributes fixed.

Increased mod compatibility

Many of the common problems with mods ironed out, plus a whole new custom character interaction system to help make your player's customs feel like part of the story.

Freedom Force X-Squared V2.2 Features

Take a quick tour of the new features provided in FFX Squared V2.2.

Skirmish Danger Room Modes

The Skirmish Pack by M25 and Freedom Force X have joined forces. FFX V2.2 now incorporates Skirmish Team Mode, allowing you to set up three way battles or more, Skirmish Buddy Mode, aloowing you tos et up an NPC team to help you, Skirmish Free for All, and Skirmish Watch Mode.


Because you demanded it, and because the ultra-talented M25 could already do it, we now have AI for all those FFX powers. Create a character with attributes such as TELEKINESIS, SHAPESHIFTER, LIVING LASER and so on, take them into one of the Danger Room modes as an enemy or ally and watch them use their attributes.
Try taking your favourite customs into battle against a group of Skaron Warriors, and watch the fun begin as they morph into copies of you! Or against Robot Master - witness the power of the PUPPET MASTER attribute turned against you!
Or against any of your own FFX character designs - and see their powers in action.

Special Absorber powers

Check out the new sample character CopyBot - with a customised version of the ABSORBER attribute that morphs him into different forms based on his material type. Use him as a hero or as an automatically morphing NPC.


A variety of weapons can now be placed upon a map and your character can pick them up and use them:

Use the ARM command to pick up the weapon, whereupon it attaches itself to your character as shown. Until the weapon runs out of ammunition, you gain the extra attacks associated with it. You can drop a weapon at any time using the DISARM command, or drop it automatically if stunned.


Teleporters can be placed on any map with a destination marker. The USE command allows any character to pass through them as shown:

Teleporters work in Multiplayer games - just hit the teleporter with any power from close up to activate it.


A script-free method for placing explosions on maps has been established. Use this to create booby-traps like the one shown below, or environmental hazards like water rapids or fire and smoke.

All these screenshots are taken from an example map: FFX BASE OF EVIL, which Ive put together. Take a quick tour of it in either multiplayer or in the Danger Room to see all these features in action.