Freedom Force X-Squared FAQ

This list of questions is compiled from questions asked over email and through the forums at FreedomFans and Freedom Reborn. Hopefully it'll help sort out the basic issues.

None of the new attributes work. Why is this?

Freedom Force must run through the shortcut provided on the Start Menu as Freedom Force X in order for new attributes to be detected. If you're seeing the new attributes but not seeing any effect from them, this is probably the reason why.

Right click on your shortcut, and select Properties to bring up this dialog, and add the word -log outside the quotes in the Target box as shown below by the red arrow:

I've just installed the Irrational Patch, EZFX or the EZVOICE pack and FFX has stopped working.

FFX should be installed after the installation of any Irrational Patch, including the 1.3 Patch that fixed up the WinXP SP2 issues, otherwise the scripting system will fail.

If you've installed EZVoice Pack then reinstall FFX. Then in your Data directory within the Freedom Force folder, rename characters.dat to something else, e.g. oldcharacters.dat, and rename EZVoice,characters.dat to characters.dat. this will add in the character entries required to display the missing voices as well as the character entries needed to run FFX properly.

If you've installed EZFX, then rename fx.dat to oldfx.dat and rename ezfx.dat to fx.dat to get a merged fx databse for FFX and EZFX5.0. For later versions of EZFX, get the merged databases off Alex's Freedom Fortress.