Synergy: Specifications

What the Synergy system does


Synergy is a programme that runs in the background of both PC's. One PC shares its keyboard and mouse by transmitting key presses and across the LAN. Similarly, the desktops for each PC are set up to be part of one larger desktop, so that the mouse can be moved off one PC's monitor on to the other. The clipboard is also shared between computers, allowing you to copy and paste text between tham, but that feature is not used for dual-boxing.

In conjunction with a series of bind files for City of Heroes, Synergy makes it possible to control two characters relatively easily.

Keyboard Set up

Its intended that you play one character as the main on the computer who's keyboard is being broadcast, and the other as the auxiliary character. The auxiliary character follows the main character, and the two fire off their powers in unison, ie pressing 1 will activate the first power in each ones tray. Ally-powers from the auxiliary character, such as heals or force fields, will target on the main character, buit attack powers will target through the main character to their target, causing both character to attack the same enemy.

The keyboard setup is detailed below. Mouse activity such as opening doors and placing click powers is achieved by scrolling the mouse between screens.

NUM LOCKNUM LOCK on will prevent keystrokes from being broadcast
1-0Activate powers in the tray as per usual for both characters
BToggles first and third person view for both characters
Page DownRecenters the camera for both characters
W A S DMoves the main character only
SpaceMakes the main character only jump or fly up
Cursor KeysMoves the auxiliary character only (and breaks follow)
Numpad 0Makes the auxiliary character only jump or fly up
Numpad 1-8Selects team members 1 to 8 for both characters. In a duo team, press numpad 1 and 2 to select each other
Numpad 9Toggles follow for the auxiliary character
FToggles follow for the main character
F1Both characters use an accuracy inspiration
F2Both characters use a damage inspiration
F3Both characters use a defence inspiration
F4Both characters use a resistance inspiration
F5Both characters use a health inspiration
F6Both characters use an energy inspiration
F7Both characters use a resurrect inspiration
F8Both characters use a break free
F9Makes the character on your main computer the main, and the other one auxiliary
F10Makes the character on your main computer auxiliary, and the other host. Pressing F10 on the auxiliary computer allows you to navigate that character more comfortably using the WASD keys instead of the cursor
EnterMain character enters chat mode, or completes it.
BackspaceAuto-reply to a tell and enter chat with the main character
InsertAuxiliary character enters chat mode. Complete the chat with Enter on their keyboard
Left Alt + InsertAuto-reply to a tell and enter chat with the auxiliary character. Use Enter on their keyboard to complete it.
ENDTarget the nearest ally for both characters (useful for a drive-by double buff or heal, use Numpad for teammates)
HOMETarget the next ally with both characters
Left Alt + UpTurn hover on for both characters
Left Alt + DownTurn off hover and fly for both characters
Left Alt + LeftTurn on Combat Jumping and Toggle sprint on or off for both characters
Left Alt + RightToggle on fly for both characters
Right Ctrl + UpActivate auto-jumping for both characters. Cancel with Space or Numpad 0