Synergy: Tips and Tricks

A general guide to running two characters

Dual-boxing can be disorientating at first, since you're trying to coordinate the actions of two characters at once. Generally, you designate one character as the leader, and let the other one follow them and target through them. These are referred to as the main character and auxiliary character in this guide.

Moving the auxiliary camera

Trying to move the auxiliary computers camera with the main computers mouse doesnt work very well due to network lag. Use the auxiliary mouse to do this (say for placing a Tar Patch or Ice Slick befroe a battle commences)
If you do accidentally get the camera out of line, press Page Down to recenter both cameras.

Melee Attacks

To perform a simultaneous melee attack, run the main character round the back of your target. The auxiliary character will generally flank the target, and you attack from both sides then. Attacking from the front often leaves the auxiliary character out of range.

Interruptible Powers

Sometimes the auxiliary will not be able to get close enough to the main, and sort of nudges them repeatedly unless you turn off follow. This can lead to powers like snipes, rest or Stimulant getting interrupted. If this is happening, press an arrow key quickly to move the auxiliary character and break following. Then use Numpad 9 to start following again.

Elevators and doors

When confronted with a doorway, always let the auxiliary character go through first. Some maps have floors or internal rooms like the banks in Mayhem/Safegaurd missions laid out in a counter-intuitive way. If the lead character enters first, the auxiliary will often start to run or fly off to follow them in a seemingly random direction, leaving you suddenly trying to control two characters at once in different spaces. Possibly both in combat! If this does happen, quickly hit an arrow key, as these will break follow on the auxiliary character.
Passing through a door also breaks follow, so always remember to press Numpad 9 to resume following after using an elevator or door.


In Wentworths (or the Black Market) use the Num Lock key to stop broadcasting keystrokes. Otherwise, typing bids in with your main character will cause the auxiliary character to activate powers unintentionally. Its also a good idea to do this in any general social setting. In non-combat situations, you may want to control each character independently, to do this press NUM LOCK on the main keyboard and F10 on the auxiliary keyboard, both characters then move using standard WASD on their own keyboard.


The target-through system that we rely on in PvE doesnt work in PvP. I've gotten around this by making a quick PvP macro as follows:
macro pvp "bind tab target_enemy_nearest"
This creates a button in your power tray called "pvp" - pressing it will make the tab key target the closest enemy in field of view for the auxiliary character. This means that they'll still follow the main character, but will target independently, with a good chance of picking the same target as the main. Even if they choose someone else, its better than not firing at all. Use the numpad team keys to target the main for buffing or healing still. F10 and F9 will override the PvP macro, so press the PVP button when in PvP, and just F9 or F10 to reset when you return to the target-thru mechanism in the PvE game.