Character Portraits

I've been devoting most of my time and energy this week to getting Universe Gun back on track, and ready for next week's release of Chapter 3: Chasing the Rainbow.
I've also been practicing heads and facial expressions, and experimenting with some physical media for a change. Here's how that all turned out.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. I did the pencil sketch at work one lunchtime, and traced it with pens onto bleedproof paper, and finally attacked it with Copics Markers. I got a handful of these for Christmas, and have shied away from them in favour of digital colouring, which is much quicker, more reliable and more comfortable. But it's good to wrestle with new media every now and then. I used Googled images of Samuel L for reference, but no tracing!

Venus Green from Universe Gun is up next, starting with another quick pencil sketch. I used a few images of Kate Hudson as reference for her eyes, to try and capture an "assessing smile", that says "Go on, I'm listening." Once again I inked the image on Bleedproof paper, but forgot to scan it this time before a less successful attack of the Copics Markers. So I picked out the inks digitally and tried an experimental digital colouring, seeing as my standard crude bucket fill wouldn't work on a noisy image. This was based on my earlier digital colouring technique from Gloriana J - flat colours and then modelling with 30% black and white brushes. Its cheap and plasticy, but not terrible. I reckon I can turn it into something workable with more experimentation.

Prince Cosmic from Universe Gun, once again starting life as an A5 pencil sketch. I'd had enough of the pens, so I scanned in the pencils and digitally inked and coloured him in Photoshop. I had the idea that he wears a number of gold necklaces each representing different religions, a Christian cross, Ms. Amazing's "A" for Z'od-ism, and the Islamic Crescent and Star seen here. I've got some vague recollection of reading that the symbol represents the end of the world, when the sun appears within the disc of a crescent moon. I couldn't confirm that, but may turn it into a plot point.
Anyway, here the Prince is rather pleased with his own coolness as he tells someone this story. I originally tried to get him looking through the side of his specs, but over the top works better, especially with the wraparounds.
No reference was used other than listening to Lenny Kravitz while I drew the pencil sketch.

See you in seven, scrutinisers of sketches!
For the next seven page segment of Universe Gun!

Dr Mike 2000, 09 Mar 2014