Fundament Zero

The art of Dr Mike 2000


A sprawling saga of life, death, superhumans, love, sex and drugs in the 37th C starts here!

Chapter 8: Spontaneous Generation
Chapter 7: What am I?
Chapter 6: Big Guns
Chapter 5: Real Life
Chapter 4: Monsters of the Heroic Age
Chapter 3: Chasing the Rainbow
Chapter 2: Doing Earth
Chapter 1: Life on Mars

A 70's sci-fi tale of obsession, love and fractals.

A vignette spotlighting Venus Green from Universe Gun.

In an exotic eastern paradise, an archetypal hero meets his match.

In the outer edge of the solar system, a retired crimefighter schemes to get her runaway son back.

The day to day life of a fantastical couple.

The musings of a reformed supervillain.


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