31 October 2009
Plans for the Amazanauts are revealed!
Dr Mike 2000 returns to Freedom Force modding as writer, 2D artist and level designer, ably assisted by Afghan Ant as character artist.
Amazanauts will be a single player campaign for the original Freedom Force, now available via Steam.
It will employ a special circular campaign structure rather than a traditional linear one, where you the player can choose the order and details of the missions as you play them!
It will use the FFX2.6 system, but this will be built in, so it can sit on top of a fresh Steam download or the original release with the 1.3 patch.

Expect to join Miss Amazing from the Strangers and six all-new superwomen on their cosmic quest in early 2010.

18 November 2009
Character pages for Amazium 235 and Zenwoman added to the website.

24 February 2010
In preparation for upcoming release, the website has been updated.
Discover the mysterious origin of Emma Possible in the Characters page.
Marvel at the amaziong art of Afghan Ant, with updated character images.
Or learn 7 Amazing Facts about the Amazanauts.

31 March 2010
Amazanauts is released! Get it from the Downloads page now!