Age: 32
Point of Origin: Z'Zen Empire Homeworld
Powers: Cosmic Energy Manipulation, Super Intelligence, Cosmic Awareness
Threat Level: 7

By the 24th Century, the Z'Zen Empire has extended its reach across galaxies. Armies of clone soldiers march across space, their Mega-Bands storing cosmic energy to grant them superhuman strength, resilience and explosive power. The Z'Zen Central Intelligence supercomputers felt secure in their proof of their central tenet - That which is Z'Zen is greater than that which is Un-Z'Zen.
But for one small problem...
Three hundred years ago, one of their diplomats, the Super-Traitor Af'karr N'Nant, had gone native and shaken off the Z'Zen creed when his Mega-Bands malfunctioned and exposed him to total universal knowledge. His bands were retrieved, but the Z'Zen Central Intelligence did not dare risk letting another of its negotiators fall into Un-Z'Zen-like disrepair by being exposed to the dreadful knowledge they contained.
To this end, a genetically modified Z'Zen was grown, the first female in 200 years who was not a single-celled breeder of soldiers. Zenwoman's massively parallel multi-tasking brain was designed to withstand the rigours of cosmic awareness, but to use that knowledge in the service of the Z'Zen Empire. The experiment has been successful, and she appears to have an unshaken uncorrupted belief in the superiority of her people and their culture.