Sarasvati Wow!

Age: eternal
Point of Origin: Paradise, Fundament One
Powers: Dimensional Navigation, Cosmic Dance, Super Kissing
Threat Level: 7

The Trimutri are a description of three fundamental aspects of existence. Brahma the Creator and Shiva the Destroyer preside respectively over the grand beginnings and climatic endings of all stories. Intermediate events are the realm of Krishna the Maintainer. Since time itself was created, Krishna has kept the great Wheel of Things turning with the assitsance of 117 nymphs whose dance beats out the universal rhythm.

A hostile thoughtform has emerged in Paradise!

Lord Krishna responds to contain the damage it can do!

Sarasvati Wow's heart explodes with joy to be chosen for upgrade to a new form never before seen in all seven Heavens - Super-Apsara!

Gifted twice with the joyous vessel Radiance One, and the Devic Hula Hoop that allows her to navigate space and time, Sarasvati is charged with assembling a team of seven superwomen, each one as astounding as herself. Finding others who can perform feats as amazing as stepping through dimensions or showering a battlefield with explosive kisses is no trivial task, but the universe reflects itself endlessly, and hope burns like a sun in a Super-Apsara's heart!