Age: eternal
Point of Origin: unknown
Powers: Energy conservation, Hermetic Flame Control
Threat Level: 8

The Omegazon is the final amazon, Hera's last daughter.

Everything declines, its a universal truth. You know this, you try to deny it, but the universe is sliding irreversibly into a sinkhole of ever-increasing entropy, end even the godesses are not spared.

The colorful age of events and stories that we inhabit is not normal, when viewed on the scale of the universal lifespan.

Trillions of years from now, the Amazon godesses knew this was happening. Wise Athena succumbed to madness, vital Gaea to the cold touch of Death itself, and Hephastus the crafting male's vision dimmed to a grey fog. Queen Hera created the Omegazon as a last act of mercy, to sheperd the dwindling universe to its ultimate end. She was gifted with Hephastu's final creation, the staff Wise Hermeticus, which enabled her to part the swirling grey fogs that choked out the dimming starlight from the Earth's pocked surface. She was designed to be unageing and immortal, able to eke existence from the grimmest and most barren surroundings.

What happens when a being such as this enters the primordial Age of Stories?

Feasting on the rich meat and drink of earlier times has made her one hundred times stronger than before. Her staff now controls the pyrotechnic elements of the weather, squandering energy in the form of lightning, hail and rain. This brief respite from her duties is welcome, but don't talk to her about hope. She' s seen far too much to enagge in such witless thoughts.