Ms. Amazing

Age: 4
Point of Origin: The Life Star
Powers: 100 superpowers, including Amazing Strength, Amazing Vision, Amazing Invulnerability, Amazing Flight, Amazing Eyelashes and Amazing Cocktail Mixing
Threat Level: 8

Ms. Amazing is a Hypermissionary from the artificial techno-moon called the Life Star. She claims that the Life Star is docked in Earth orbit, visible only to those with powerful superhuman senses, and is part of a planetary upgrade scheme/life-cycle carried out by the concrete deity Z'od, himself a collection of supercomputer moons. Her brand of Z'od-ism is an elaborate yet pragmatic science-religion, whose miracles are repeatable under strict laboratory conditions and whose prayers read like instruction manuals.

Even stranger, Ms. Amazing claims that Miss Amazing is herself, asleep in a virtual reality training device on board the Life Star, and that her adventures with the Strangers will terminate when she faces the mysterious Universe Gun and wakes up.

Ms. Amazing claims to have been constructed with 100 superpowers exactly in order to convert the earth to Z'od-ism before he appears in the sky to upgrade the planet. In additional to more standard superwoman traits like strengh and durability, she exhibits more unusual powers like Amazing Eyelashes to help coerce local law enforcement to bend the rules, Amazing Weaving (a thorough practical and theoretical knowledge of superhero couture) and Amazing Cocktail Mixing for making hypercocktails. Furthermore, she refers to these powers alongwith their numbers.

She also claims to have a miniature star for a heart, allowing her to manipulate gravitational fields.

It has yet to be established if the universe is amazing enough for her outlandish claims to be true.