Miss Amazing

Age: 20
Point of Origin: New Aeden
Powers: Superstrength, Invulnerability, Heat Vision, Flight, Orgone Aura, "The Amazing Effect"
Threat Level: 9

Miss Amazing was created in the laboratories of super-scientist Professor Emil Zandor on the scientifically advanced parallel world of New Aeden. The people of New Aeden are prone to genetic quirks that bestow high level functional superpowers, Miss Amazing was geneticaly engineered to manifest all these abilities.

As part of the Victory Vanguard, Miss Amazing fought alongside her creator, her betrothed Donald McAlasdair, The Red Hood, and her allies Orbital Girl, Jimmy Jupiter and Adam Zorn, to rid their world of crime once and for all. Ten golden years of peace were shattered by the emergence of Class 4 super-mutant Simon Hart, part of the pan-dimensional gestalt mind known as the Connection. Adam Zorn and Jimmy Jupiter were shunted into our world during the first confrontation, Miss Amazing soon followed after Simon Hart tried to kill her by unravelling her DNA. With the help of the Strangers, they managed to evacuate the remains of their people, and destroyed New Aeden along with the rogue mutant.

From this tragic past, the New Adenites have established the floating science city of Ubertopia above India, where they keep vigil over their adopted home planet.

Miss Amazing is a devout Z'od-ist, a believer in a montheistic religion that depicts absolute good and evil as fundamental forces in the universe, yet believes that no human soul is beyond redemption. Her "Amazing Effect" aura has been known to cause spontaneous conversion to Z'od-ism in criminals, causing terrible realisations of the harm they do to others, and inspiring them to dedicate their lives to peace and charity.