Emma Possible

Age: 16
Point of Origin: Omniville
Powers: "Girl Genius" Mutant DNA
Threat Level: 3

No-one knows what Omniville was before it became Omniville, or how it changed.

But everyone knows what it is now, and we all like Ike!
Good old Ike, or "Icon 1", is the living mascot of OmniCorp, a business that runs every aspect of human life on the single city of the planet. Using the all-encompassing Omni-Broadcast, OmniCorp takes care of each and every one of its citizens from the cradle to the grave, providing a full service insurance package free from worry or uncertainty.

New citizens have the OmniCorp Gold Contract genetically signed into their DNA before they are born to ensure equality of opportunity for everyone.

It would be a perfect world but for one small detail, a child born 16 years ago with an unnatural kink in her DNA, that not only increased her intelligence tenfold but made her resistant to the OmniCorp Gold Contract! Emma Margaret Purcell, known on the Omni-Broadcast as Emma Possible, has been waging a one-woman war against OmniCorp since primary school.

Rest assured folks, Ike has got some of our brightest minds working on a way to detect her even with her holographic stealth suit. And really, how much harm can a single kid do to the system with a few toy bombs and gadgets?

Say, maybe next time she strikes you'll win the lottery, and get your inner OmniCop activated! Wouldn't that be neat?