Amazium 235

Age: 10-43 seconds
Point of Origin: The Big Bang
Powers: 11-Dimensional sentient metal, indestructable and capable of moving through our 4 dimensional world effortlessly
Threat Level: 10

Energy densities were enormous at the start of the universe. For the first 10-43 seconds, spacetime was eleven dimensional, until it cooled down and curled into the four dimensional structure we experience today. Quantum uncertainty makes this brief primordial Planck Epoch unknowable, and yet somehow Amazium 235 has been brought through this barrier into the present time.
She is one of a number of sentient miracle metals present on the expanded periodic table made possible by early universe physics. She claims to have been waging a war against another group of super-elements called "evil actinides" to shape the cooling universe, either into a chaotic form capable of supporting life, or a sterile ordered crystalline form.
Amazium 235 suffers from a ridiculously short half-life, and is kept suspended in a time stasis field most of the time. She has had little time to brief her allies further regarding these claims. And of course, thats only her projection into our four dimensional space that we're seeing. It's probably safe to say that there's more to this mysterious metal than meets the eye.